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“Mary is a remarkable person. She has passion backed by a quality of knowledge that is awesome. Her advice to our Forum and her hands on involvement have been fundamental in winning the battle for flood defences in our town.”

Community comment

“As a flood victim myself, I have seen at first hand the extraordinary work that Mary has done to both help individual victims and at the same time almost single-handedly lobby locally and nationally with such strength and humility that these very real issues have been given such great importance by all political Parties. Mary’s passion stems from the fact that she was a flood victim herself and only someone who has experienced this can talk knowledgeably about it .Mary’s style of working was extraordinary in that she got things done in a way which got people to work with her and she commands huge respect across the political spectrum and in the media.”

Community comment

Dear Mary,

“Many congratulations on your OBE award from the Garforth Flood Warning/Awareness Group. We had a meeting last evening and I passed round the e-mail I had had about you and everyone was very pleased and said that there was no-one who deserved it more.”

Dear Mary,

“Many congratulations on your OBE, it is just reward for all your hard work, dedication, determination and commitment. I cannot think of anyone else who is more deserving than you, it is indeed a true recognition of all that you have achieved, long may it continue.”

Sewer Flooding Manager – Severn Trent Water

Dear Mary,

“Many, many congratulations on this well deserved award!  After all you have been through in the last few years, I have no doubt that your tenacity and dedication to the cause of not only assisting communities and individuals who have suffered the devastating effects of flooding but also your lobbying of government to get a better deal for those communities has improved the landscape significantly.”

 A County Council Chief Executive

“Mary – Many, many congratulations on your OBE – a tiny recognition for many hours, week, months, years of toil, much of it apparently thankless.

Well done.”

 A research technical officer

Dear Mary,

“I was delighted to see that you have been awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours. May I offer my congratulations on behalf of the Emergency Planning & Business Continuity Service here at Essex County Council.

You do a superb job in raising awareness and providing valuable advice and support on flood related issues. We have been most grateful for your guidance and experience, particularly with regard to the human impact of flooding.”

June Thompson

Head of Emergency Planning & Business Continuity

01245 430366 or x20366  

“Mary, many congratulations for the honour you received for all the work you have done on flooding. Richly deserved!


“Many thanks for all you do for Flood Victims and all the different issue relating to floods. Thanks for your newsletter and news of national response.”

Community comment

“I am writing to express my gratitude for your invaluable input into our flooding conference at the Assembly on Nov 12th.

I am sure it is a great comfort that victims of flooding have such a point of contact as your organisation. Your talk brought home how quickly people’s words can be turned upside down by flooding….. To be able to draw down practical advice from those who have undergone this trauma is a tremendous asset.”

Andrew Davies AM

Welsh Assembly Govt.

“Thanks for all you have done on behalf of the Cross Keys area this year it is really appreciated…. All the progress made recently is in no small part down to you.”

Community comment.

“I would like to thank you, most sincerely for your excellent service to our flood event. Your Knowledge of both flood hazards and the flood defence industry is invaluable.”

“This lady has many of the answers; she is extremely knowledgeable about flood matters and is a source of much wonder in what she has achieved.”

Hi Mary,

Thank you for attending our meeting yesterday

It was great to have your perspective and I’m sure working with you will enable us to successfully engage with the public, where we might have otherwise struggled!”

Dear Mary,

“Thank you very much for presenting at the Flood Fair last Thursday.

I think your presentation gave all of us present plenty to think about, especially in respect of prevention beforehand and in recovery afterwards.

Recovery is an area that we as a Local Resilience Forum are about to consider and certainly not before time. Whether the dreaded sandbag will be replaced by the more suitable means of prevention that you illustrated so well, remains to be seen, but at least the case has been made. Once again many thanks for a very interesting and thought provoking talk.

Best regards.

Emergency Planning Officer 

Dear Mary, 


I thank you for appearing before the Sustainability Committee at its meeting on 3 June 2009, in relation to the implications of Flooding in Wales.

The Committee found both your briefing paper and evidence session extremely useful in informing its consideration of the key issues as regards to Flooding in Wales. Thank you once again for your valuable contribution to the inquiry.”

Mick Bates AM

Chair, Sustainability Committee

Hi Mary 

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say that it was great to see you on Monday.  we came away from the conference feeling that our hard work is worthwhile, which doesn’t happen that often.

Thank you for your support. You were fantastic on Monday!”

Community comment

Dear Mary,

The Duke of Gloucester has asked me to write to thank you for hosting him on his recent visit to the victims of flooding in Worcester. He was very grateful for your enthusiasm and depth of knowledge on flooding issues. His Royal Highness was also very impressed by your dedication and thought your passionate talk in the evening reinforced the broader objectives of the Inter-Institutional Flood Forum, indeed reminding us all of the human and physical consequences of flooding. The Duke asked me to pass on his very best wishes and would encourage you to continue your excellent practical work to support both communities and individuals against the threat of flooding.”


“Dhonau herself is something of a phenomenon ~a de facto flooding tsarina who has waded from the waters and made such a splash that even Whitehall has had to listen…. She will talk to anyone who will listen~ local community group’s radio and television, the Pitt review, the House of Commons, Environment Agency, the House of Commons select committee, Defra……”

Richard Girling

The Sunday Times