Mary Dhonau Associates

Mr X from Gloucester

‘A fantastic product which gives me peace of mind. In my state I could not have gone through another flood. It would have finished me off. I want to stay in my house but would not be able to do so without the peace of mind that the SMART Airbrick has given me’.


Case Study

Mr X from Gloucester

50+ years of age

Ex Army.

Trouble walking (2 sticks needed)

100% disability pension

Post traumatic stress disorder

Immense neurological pain

Takes Double morphine to help with pain.

Difficulty sleeping

Lives alone

No home help

Lack of mobility

Tires quickly


1st Flood

June 25th 2007.

6 o’clock in the morning.

Fire Brigade called.

Pumped water away.

7:30 all water gone.

4” over the skirting board through entire property.

Power lost due to floods.

Due to drainage not coping and brook that runs open along the back of the garden into a pipe further up the road. This belongs to the council.

It is the council’s duty to keep clear.

Council promised to clear after the flooding of last year.

Still not yet been attended to date due to apparent lack of funding.


Prior to repair work being completed –


2nd Flood

Saturday in July 2007.

3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Power cut.

Water came up through the floor boards.

Flood receded within 2 hours.

Home furnishings that were left from original flood and not in storage were now lost.


Gradually house dried out.

Given certificate to say it was dry.

Renovation company wanted to restore house by removing plaster floor to ceiling and replacing all electrics etc.


Quote for work to property £14,200.

Repair, paint and fit new toilet.

Work carried out very well.

Only took 2 weeks.



Mr X was frightened to go to bed at night just in case. Each night he would move all his belongings up stairs. Or seal in plastic boxes.


Fitted SMART Airbricks in August 2008 once the house was back together.


Flooded again 4th Sept 2008.

Front water pool over the airbricks and up to the front step.

Water flowed around the house and down the drain.

Property was not flooded.

The water did not go through the airbricks.


Friday 5th Sept 2008.

Mr X contacted ‘Eco-coverage Technologies’ to let us know of his success.

He has now relaxed.

Due to his mental state and circumstances Mr X feels much happier knowing that the SMART Airbricks are fitted and that the property will not flood through the airbricks.

He is able to sleep at night without worrying.


‘The bricks were delivered quickly. I asked my local builder who had repaired my house to fit them. He did within a couple of hours at a very reasonable rate. I would recommend the SMART Airbricks to anyone who wants to sleep at night without worrying.’



Property –

3 bedroom Semi Detached –

Current Property price £160K

Cost of repair post initial floods – £14,200 excluding house content claim.


Fitted 7 SMART Airbricks costing approx £700

2 Hours to fit airbricks by builder



Adjoining Neighbour.

Property price £160K

Repair post initial flooding- £33,000+ including new kitchen units


8 SMART Airbricks fitted approx £800Fitted brick in Gloucester